At Docklands Massage, we treat a range of conditions every day, and are experienced with various pathologies, aches and pains. Some of the more common conditions we can help you with are listed below.


The feet are a very important area of the body; improper footwear, bunions, excess or lack of mobility, and high and low arches can cause more discomfort further up the body.

At Docklands Massage, our Myotherapy treatments can help to create healthy arches, slow the progression of bunions, elevate symptoms of plantar fasciitis, and relieve the pain caused by wearing heels and painful footwear. Many of these treatments come with great benefit that can last a lifetime.


Bursitis can be painful and debilitating. We can reduce the pain and allow room to breathe, by taking pressure off the bursa and applying specific rocktape techniques to help our treatments last longer.


We can relieve some of the painful cramping symptoms of premenstrual syndrome with a gentle massage and some specific rocktape placement that you can leave on for the rest of the day. While these treatments may not 100% elevate your symptoms, we can help get you through the rest of your day.


Headaches can be debilitating for some people; they can stop us from performing at our best.


At Docklands Massage, we use common referral patterns and range of motion testing, alongside palpation and discussion, to discover the cause of your headaches. We the treat the direct cause and discuss strategies to prevent or minimise them in future.


Many people experience conditions such as frozen shoulder or shoulder impingements. These conditions sometimes make it painful or impossible to move the arm above the head, and while they might start out merely annoying, they can become quite debilitating.


One common treatment we use is to help the movement of the shoulderblade, making space for the movement of the muscles and tendons. This treatment can reduce pain and increase mobility. We can also give you some at home advice to assist the healing process.


Repetitive strain injuries can include cubital/carpal tunnel syndrome, pronator teres syndrome, golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.


These conditions tend to involve nerve or tendon dysfunction. Massage and Myotherapy can reduce pressure on the nerves and tendons, lengthening fascia or muscles around or connected to them. This improves movement, strength and sensation and reduces pain.


Manual lymphatic drainage is an excellent treatment for pre/post-surgery to reduce the swelling swiftly, help your body to rid itself of harsh chemicals and drugs, and get you back to feeling healthy quicker.


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction can be painful. Stress can build in the jaw quickly and affect sleep patterns and teeth grinding, causing problems further down the track. Trigger points associated to this area can also cause pain in the teeth.


Our treatments can reduce this tension and pain, as well as allow the jaw to move smoothly and to a wider range.


Many professionals experience neck and shoulder pain. At Docklands Massage we can help to alleviate the pain by releasing the muscles, allowing the head and neck to move smoothly. Once this is done we can improve your posture to stop the pain from returning.


There are many things that can go wrong with the spine. From the early stages of injury, to years later when you think the pain will never go away, we can help to alleviate the symptoms and speed recovery.


Numbness, tingling, loss of strength and sharp pains are common in the hands and legs. They can easily be alleviated through appropriate testing, combined with massage and some take home stretches for a long term solution.