This winter, enjoy a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, to improve your immune system, fight the flu, and allow your body to relax and unwind.


Lymphatic drainage is an, incredibly relaxing, full body massage.

While your therapist uses an incredibly light touch to speed up the flow of your lymphatic system

from its usual 1.5 - 2L per day, to an astounding 15 - 20L per day.

Your therapist will take advantage of your bodies natural ability to heal itself and speed up its recovery time from flu’s and colds, as well as swelling from injury or surgery.

I’ve got the flu!


We can help!! And timing is key!
If you’ve recently been infected, or are still quite sick, a lymphatic drainage would only spread the virus around inside of you. So we want to book you in once your symptoms are getting abit better,
to improve your recovery time.
– The day that you realise that your throat is a little less sore, you’re not coughing as much, or that you’re finally able to walk around for a bit longer. This is the day to come and see us.

Post surgery


Jodie and Henry were trained by specialists in the
First and Second ever Manual Lymphatic Drainage Student Clinics in the Southern Hemisphere.
They worked under strict supervision and close mentorship for months on pre/post op, diabetes, cysts, post injury swelling and cancer patients. Since then they have both explored this passion further.

This means that they are both experienced and comfortable working on more complex cases to reduce swelling and increase the flow of the lymphatic system.


This treatment can be especially beneficial for patients who have experienced surgery where lymph nodes have been removed, and experience swelling in the area.

Stress & Anxiety


Lymphatic drainage puts the body into a state of relaxation, draining the protein from the glymphatic system around the brain, allowing for clearer, relaxed, calming thoughts.


Will it help me lose weight?


It may help to remove a layer of fluid close to your skin, this may give the appearance of weight loss.

When can I have a lymphatic drainage massage?


The very, very best time to book an appointment, is when you’re healthy and don’t have anything too important on the next day, as some recovery time may be necessary, depending on your level of health.


After your booking, you’ll feel as though you’re walking on a cloud. Then, after a few hours, you may begin to experience some flu-like symptoms, this is just a process of your body removing the toxins from your body. We ask that you drink plenty of water, and rest well during this time. You'll be running at 150% within 24-36 hours!


After three treatments, you’ll find this recovery time to be less and less, as your body has less toxins, and your immune system is running faster and healthier.

Don't let the flu season get the best of you this winter!

Book a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Docklands Massage!